The M Group’s Ultimate Guide to Selling Your Home in Overland Park

The M Group’s Ultimate Guide to Selling Your Home in Overland Park

Sellers listing their homes on the Overland Park real estate market can count on receiving plenty of buyer interest, thanks to the city’s excellent school districts, proximity to Kansas City, and numerous parks full of trails and fun playgrounds. Even so, sellers aiming for a quick and high-priced sale need a polished and accurately priced listing to attract the most buyers to the property. When preparing a home to list in the area, follow this ultimate guide from The M Group for the best chances of success.

Choose the best time

Choosing the best time to list depends on a seller’s personal goals and local market factors. First, sellers should decide if now is the right time to move. Maybe you’ve received an exciting new job offer in a new city, or perhaps you’re expanding your family and need more space. Either way, these are some signs that the timing is perfect. Sellers should also have clear goals for the sale, whether it’s to make a profit on an Overland Park investment property or move to another home that can accommodate their growing family.

When sellers are sure about leaving their homes, they should research local market trends in the area. It’s best if you can enter the selling game during a sellers’ market, which is when buyer demand is up and housing inventory is down. Some indicators of a sellers’ market include increasing home sales, decreasing months of inventory, and increasing median prices.

Interview real estate agents

The best way to sell a home with as little stress as possible is to partner with an expert local real estate agent. Sellers should interview a few candidates before deciding which professional is suited to their needs. Ask questions that narrow down the type of home sales they specialize in, how successful they are, their strategies for marketing and negotiation, and their communication style. An agent should also be willing to provide references to past clients.

An agent helps a seller through all the steps of the selling process. They’ll make a comparative market analysis to price the listing correctly from the start, connect sellers with service providers they need to prepare their property, and provide expert tips for staging and photography. Agents also put their clients at ease by keeping everything on track, answering questions, and addressing any unexpected setbacks.

Prepare your home

To reduce the risk of an offer falling through, sellers should make necessary repairs to their homes. Ordering a pre-listing inspection is a great way to uncover any hidden issues or get a home’s condition cleared for a sale. In Kansas, some common problems found during inspections include drainage towards the house, foundational cracks, plumbing issues, and termite damage. Sellers should also fix smaller repairs like broken bulbs, holes in walls, and leaky faucets.

A seller can also make upgrades to their property if they’re interested in increasing their property value or think that it will generate more buyer interest. It’s best to ask an agent about what local buyers are looking for to ensure that the investment is worth its while. In cities like Overland Park, where the great outdoors is a significant amenity, sellers can invest in outdoor recreation spaces, entertainment areas, and pristine landscaping.

Clean and stage

Cleaning is an essential first step in home staging, as a dirty or cluttered home will have a poor first impression on buyers. Deep clean the property by mopping and sweeping all floors, dusting off the shelves and light fixtures, and wiping down any reflective surfaces. Then, declutter your storage areas by purging unwanted belongings and reorganizing closets and cabinets.

When cleaning is complete, stage the home by taking down photos and personal items, redecorating in neutral tones like tan or white, and letting in plenty of natural light. The rooms that have the most impact on buyers are the kitchen, the living room, and the main bedroom, so hone in on those areas to create an alluring space that buyers are drawn to. Then, tend to your curb appeal by wiping down the front door, sweeping the walkway, and trimming the landscaping.

Market your property

To ensure the success of your home for sale in Overland Park, KS, it’s a good idea to order professional photos of the property and list the home on a local MLS.  Although the MLS is only available to licensed agents, its listings spread onto popular public sites like Zillow and Realtor, boosting a property’s visibility to buyers in the area. Your agent will also market your listing online through social media, using their own website, and providing virtual resources for buyers. Agents also market in person by scheduling home showings and planning open houses.

Review all offers

When buyers start making offers on the property, an agent will review a buyer’s qualifications and help sellers weigh the pros and cons of each offer. A seller can either accept an offer as it is, reject it, or make a counteroffer to negotiate on the listing price, closing dates, or contingencies. Sellers should try to remain level-headed during negotiations so they don’t make a decision they may regret later. Of course, your agent will professionally represent you during communications with the other party.

Closing steps

After coming to an agreement with a buyer, the closing process can begin. Typically, a buyer will order a home inspection and a home appraisal, both of which can spark further negotiations. After a final walkthrough of the property, sellers must sign finalizing paperwork to close on the sale.

Ready to sell your Overland Park home?

Sellers in Overland Park have plenty working in their favor when planning their home sale. Even so, it’s best to work with an experienced agent for the smoothest sale. When you’re ready to list your home on the Overland Park real estate scene, contact the professional team at The M Group to guide you through the process.

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