The M Group’s Complete Homebuying Guide for Leawood

The M Group’s Complete Homebuying Guide for Leawood

Leawood is a popular Kansas City suburb with all types of residents for its stunning natural features, prospering business climate, and high-quality living. With one of the fastest-growing populations in the state, buyers interested in Leawood townhomes for sale should start their search soon to avoid competition. Follow this expert guide when looking for properties in the area.

Research the city

Buyers should make sure Leawood is a good fit by researching the city’s essential services, amenities, and neighborhoods. Look for things like nearby healthcare centers, grocery stores, and schools. Then search for amenities like outdoor recreation areas, shopping centers, restaurants, and other forms of entertainment. Although an online search can provide buyers with essential information, they should always visit the area in person to get a true understanding of the city’s atmosphere.

Leawood is full of services and amenities that are readily available to its residents. As a suburban section of Kansas City’s Metro Area, Leawood is located next to Overland Park, Prairie Village, and Kansas City. This makes jobs and services easily accessible within the community’s more suburban setting. Leawood is served by the Shawnee Mission School District and the Blue Valley School District, as well as four private schools that offer many options for children of all ages.

The city also has 486 acres of parkland with spots like Ironwoods Park, complete with a playground, walking trail, challenge course, and an amphitheater that regularly hosts shows and concerts. For a day out shopping, the Town Center Plaza offers a mix of upscale shops and local boutiques.

Partner with an agent

Buyers starting their search should always partner with local agents like the experienced professionals at The M Group. An agent will listen to a buyer’s wants and needs, then tailors a search to those goals. This helps buyers find a home they love faster. Agents also have a thorough understanding of local market trends and Leawood itself, which they’ll share with buyers so they can make an informed decision.

Agents are well connected with other service providers that buyers need during the process, such as a home inspector, home appraiser, mortgage lender, or attorney. When it’s time to make an offer, an agent helps their client write a compelling letter and negotiates an offer on their behalf. Overall, an agent is a valuable resource that can find new leads, answer questions, and manage problems.

Get pre-approved

Before buyers start a search for homes for sale in Leawood, KS, they need to get pre-approved for a mortgage. For one, getting pre-approved shows buyers how much home they can really afford. Having proof of funds, like a pre-approval letter, makes an offer stronger and shows sellers that a buyer can follow up with their proposed price. Having preapproval also makes mortgage finalization smoother and quicker.

A lender reviews a candidate’s financial history when assessing if they qualify for a mortgage. Buyers should prepare necessary documents, including pay stubs for two years, tax returns, and any retirement or investment statements. A lender also checks a buyer’s credit score to assess their financial health and responsibility.

Start a search

When buyers have secured financing, they can start a search for Leawood, KS real estate. First, buyers should assess why they’re buying, whether it be to accommodate a growing family, move closer to a job, or downsize for retirement. Then buyers can narrow down what they want and what they need from a property which may include factors like the number of rooms, a home’s square footage, a front or backyard, and the property type.

An agent is a valuable resource when it comes to scheduling home showings and finding open houses in Leawood. An agent can also point out any potential red flags in a property that a buyer might not notice themselves. This saves buyers time and resources in investing in the wrong property.

Make an offer

After finding the right home, buyers can work with their agents to write an offer letter that includes an offer price, closing dates, contingencies, an earnest money deposit, and a deadline to respond. Sellers may choose to accept the offer as it is, reject the offer, or make a counteroffer.

Negotiations can be a stressful process for buyers, but it’s important not to make hasty decisions that may have negative consequences. To avoid mistakes in negotiations, buyers should outline what they’re willing to compromise on and what they need from a home purchase before entering negotiations. Agents can also offer advice on the next steps or negotiation tactics.

Close on the home

When both sides have come to an agreement, buyers need to finalize their loan and close on the property. Most buyers order a home inspection and a home appraisal which may spark more negotiations depending on an offer’s contingencies. Buyers may also need to hire an attorney to review important documents, confirm important dates, and manage funds for the purchase. Then a buyer will complete a final walkthrough and sign the official paperwork.

Closing costs for buyers in Kansas average 2-5% of a home’s purchase price and include costs related to loan origination, title, and homeowners’ insurance, a home appraisal and inspection, as well as transfer tax. Buyers should also prepare for property taxes for the months of the year they lived in the home. In Johnson County, residents pay an average of 1.27% of a home’s assessed value in annual property taxes.

Ready to search for homes in Leawood?

Leawood is a popular Kansas City suburb offering residents plenty of areas to enjoy nature, varied shopping nearby, and a bustling community that can support families and career-oriented people alike. Buyers searching in the area should partner with a local agent for access to local listings, service providers, and assistance in negotiating the best deal. If you’re ready to start a search in Leawood, contact trusted local agent AnaMaria Miller for expert help.

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