8 Things to Know Before Going to an Open House in Leawood

8 Things to Know Before Going to an Open House in Leawood

Although a lot of real estate activity today takes place online, open houses are still a popular way to expose a property to prospective buyers. This tradition is still alive in locales such as the affluent, charming city of Leawood, Kansas. Read on to learn more about how to prepare for an open house when you are looking at Leawood homes for sale.

1. Open houses are still relevant to real estate sales

Open houses are still a popular part of the home-selling process. According to a report by the National Association of Realtors (NAR), Google searches for open houses are an integral part of any home-buying journey, indicating a sustained interest in open houses. A current check of the Google Trends data confirms this, despite a predictable dip during 2020. Many real estate agents still consider open houses a viable way to sell homes, so this is still a great option for real estate buyers to check out a home.

2. Come with questions in mind

You can still enjoy and learn from an open house if you arrive unprepared, but you will glean much more by coming with a list of questions about the house or features that you would like to examine. Have a pen and pad, a tablet, or a smartphone ready for taking notes.

3. You can be as thorough as you please

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While you cannot complete a full home inspection during an open house, you should do a basic assessment of the home’s condition while attending an open house. You may want to open cabinets, run faucets, examine appliances (if they are included), or check out other features of the home, such as windows. While it will not supplant a professional inspection later in the process, evaluating the home as thoroughly as possible can give you a general idea of how well the property has been maintained.

Photography is generally allowed at open houses. In most cases, there will already be photographs and information about the address publicly available on the internet, so taking a few photos of your own would not violate the owner’s privacy. However, it can’t hurt to ask the agent just to be sure.

Some real estate seekers will even bring paint swatches or other materials that help them get a feel for what they may want to do with the property. Generally, as long as you respect the personal space of other guests and do not hog the attention of the attending agent, you should feel free to roam around and gather whatever information is relevant to you.

4. You don’t need to be too technical

If you decide to proceed with purchasing a home, you will almost certainly want to get a home inspection prior to closing. As such, you do not need to concern yourself with the intricate details of the home’s condition during an open house, aside from a few basics. Your focus should primarily be on how you feel about the house based on your personal real estate goals.
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It is also worth noting that you will probably not get too involved in the buying process while attending an open house. If you are seriously interested in the Leawood home after seeing it, you can follow up with the listing agent later to set up a private tour.

Note that the person showing the home may or may not be the agent listing the home. In some cases, the homeowner may be the one hosting the open house. The attending agent should be able to answer most of your questions, but you will have to follow up to make any further progress. Agents at an open house are not prepared to discuss offers or anything else technical. Keep in mind that an open house can get busy, and many people come to open houses just for enjoyment rather than for getting serious.

5. You will likely have to check in when you arrive

You may long for the opportunity to slip in and out of an open house totally unnoticed, but this is not usually feasible. An agent will usually greet you inside and take down some basic information, such as your name. If you’d like to maintain your privacy, you can likely sign in with the contact info of your agent. This way, the seller’s agent can connect with your agent afterward.

The agent showing the home may engage you more or less, depending on the agent and the circumstances. In a busier open house, the agent will have less individual time for you. If you would like to view a house in relative privacy while having the full attention of a realtor, your best bet is to schedule a private viewing with your agent.

6. There are general rules of etiquette for open houses

While an open house is generally a relaxed, informal event that is set up in order to be inviting to prospective buyers, there are still some important rules of etiquette that you should observe during an open house.
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First of all, you will want to make sure that you speak with the attending agent and introduce yourself to be polite and professional. Another important rule is to respect the home and the space of other attendees. Try to avoid entering a room until the previous guests have left unless the open house is so busy that this is just not feasible.

7. Open houses are casual

Although you should observe basic etiquette, open houses are mostly casual. There is no need to notify anyone ahead of time that you are going, unless you want to discuss it with your realtor or someone else for personal reasons. You can generally just walk into an open house, give the agent your name, walk around for a while, and leave at your leisure.

8. You can learn more from a Leawood realtor

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